Hide Export to Excel

Remove the ability to export data to Excel using the "Hide Export To Excel" LSP Staff Setting

In the LSP Staff Setting, users who have the Hide Export To Excel checked will not be able to export data to Excel on the following pages. 

TMS Admin access is required in order to turn the feature on / off. 

Pages Affected:

Accounting Concerns Report

Inactive Customer List

Accounting Sync History

Inactive Customer Report

Approve Commissions

Invoices Search

Bill Payment History

LSP Organizations

Bill Payments


Bills Search

Profitability Report

Bills Summary

Profitability Report

Broker Staff

Sales Commissions

Collections Summary

Shipment Activity

Commission Link

Shipment Commissions

Credit Hold

Shipment Domestic Search

Custom Reports

Shipped Report

Customer Report

Tariff Owner Report

Customer Trends Report

Truckload Search

Factoring Management

Unapproved Bills Summary