ECHO Dispatch API - Integration Source Settings

This article will explain how to add the specific source setting that will help transmit shipment information for the ECHO integration.

In the past, the integration with ECHO was not passing over some Reference numbers  such as Customer PO and Shipper Reference number present in the shipment

We've created a specific source setting that will help transmit this information inside the API Dispatch Request.

To be able to achieve this, you will need to go to the Integration source for Echo, by:

  • Going to LSP > Integration Sources
  • In the Source Type select Echo Global Logistics
  • In the Owner Organization select the name of your organization 
  • After you accessed the Echo integration, you can hit "Edit Source"
  • Then you can add a source setting called “TransmitRefNumbers” and the value must be either true or false

Where the values:

  • true = send the ref numbers

  • false = don’t send

After you're done click on the green Add button, and then you can hit "Save & view Details" for the settings to take effect immediately.