Drayage Shipments

The drayage shipment type is a duplicate of the Truckload shipment type with a few mods.

Import / Export Import
  • "Pickup Full" – Uses Origin Address
  • "Consignee Information" - Uses Additional Stop Address
  • "Return Empty" - Uses Destination Address
  • "Pickup Empty" – Uses Origin Address
  • "Shipper Information" – Uses Destination Address
  • "Return Information" – Uses Additional Stop Address
The following reference numbers exist for Drayage type shipments Reference Numbers:
  • Steamship line
  • Vessel / Voyage
  • Shipping Line
  • Cut Off
  • Last Free Day
  • Earliest Return
  • Container Size
The Drayage version of our EMAIL Rate Quote Sheet Document Template will contain a list of stock drayage accessorials. The primary purpose of this is to list stock accessorial services/prices that we cannot manage in our rating engine. These will be listed on the Rate Quote Sheet instead of quoting all possible scenarios on the shipment itself. EXAMPLE Accessorials That May Apply
  • Pre-Pull: $150 (Flat Rate)
  • Yard Storage: $35 (Per Day)
  • Detention, Driver Delay: $85 (1 hr Free Local)
  • Detention, Driver Delay: $85 (2 hrs Free (Local/Road))
  • SOLAS Scale Service: $85 (Per Occurrence)
  • Pool Chassis Charge: $35 (Per Day)
  • Hazardous: $200 (Flat Rate)
  • Port Free Time: $85 (2 hrs Free(Local/Road))
  • Reefer Surcharge: $200 (Flat Rate)
  • Layover: $525 (Flat Rate)
  • Detention, Pre/Post Layover: $85 (Per Hour)
  • Tri-Axle (Max Cargo 44,000 LBS): $225 (Flat Rate)