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Integration Source Setup

After entering the credentials, click Save. You will need to add a Linked Organization. This should be the organization that matches the Accounting Level organization. 

Mapping Customers and Vendors

In order for shipments to be factored to Denim via the Factoring Management page, a relationship needs to be created between the debtor or payee in Denim. The association only needs to occur once per shipper or carrier. 


In the customer profile, click on Edit Accounting Profile. In the Preferred Invoicing Method section, select Factoring. 

This will open a new modal where you can search for the relationship in Denim's system. After locating the customer, click Update, and this will store the relationship ID in the TMS. 

If the customer does not exist, you can click on "Create New Customer". This will then create the debtor in Denim, which will then need to be approved in their system. 

Vendors / Contractors

In the LSP Carrier profile, click on Edit Record and set Factor Automation = Yes. This will open up a modal that allows you to set up the relationship between the carrier in TMS with Denim. In this modal, you can search by MC Number or vendor name. 

After locating the contractor, click Update. 

If the contractor does not exist in Denim, click on Create New Contractor and fill out the required fields. 

Contractors with Factoring Companies

When creating a new contractor, if a factoring company is required, click on the link to locate the factoring company in Denim

Note: The LSP Carrier Factoring Company must be manually added, in the TMS, to reflect the Denim Payments factoring company selected.  

Sending Jobs to Denim

Jobs can be submitted to Denim via the Factoring Management page. The Factoring Management page will submit all required documents along with required data for the Customer and Contractor.

Note: If the PO number is available on the reference field, that information will also be included in the required data when factoring in a shipment.

Required Documents

  • Carrier Invoice
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Client Rate Confirmation (signed) 

This integration is only intended to support Truckload shipments. LTL and Marketplace shipments are not meant to be supported in this workflow.