Delete or Modify Invoice Payment

This article will show you how to Delete or Modify a payment that a customer has made to your Organization:


      Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • To Delete or Modify a payment, you will start going to Accounting  > Payment History to identify the check/payment you want to modify. 
    • Clicking on the Invoice hyperlink in the Number Applied To column will bring you to the Invoice Payment Details.
    • From the Invoice Payment Details screen, you can delete or modify the amounts applied by clicking the trash can icon or pencil icon.
  • To delete the payment from the Invoice Payment Details screen, you can also use the red Delete Payment button.

    **Note: Changes made to payments in the system will not automatically sync to Quickbooks, and the same changes will have to be made in Quickbooks manually as well; while we provide accounting syncing, it is not retroactive, i.e., it isn't going to look back at items it has completed to check for updates.