Delete or Modify Bill Payment

This article will show you how to modify or delete a bill payment:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Here you can see all checks that have been cut to a vendor or carrier; clicking the Number Applied To value will show you the payment and all the bills it was applied to
  • From this screen you can modify the bill payment details at the top by clicking Edit Bill Payment
  • If a check has multiple payments, the Trash Can icon can be used to delete individual payments on a bill where there was more than one payment applied to it
  • The Delete Bill Payment button at the top of the details on this screen will allow you to delete all payments to a bill at one time
  • The changes made in the system will not carry over to Quickbooks once the bill or payment has been deleted; things deleted from the system will also have to be manually deleted from Quickbooks, as the integration between our system and Quickbooks is a one way street (we are the only ones sending data, and Quickbooks is not checking for updates)