Custom Report Builder

The custom report builder allows you to create your own report from hundreds of data points in the TMS. Create your own delivery schedule or run the report on demand.

The Custom Report builder tool can create detailed reports using hundreds of available data points from the shipment, customer, or carrier data objects. Under the hood, Tai TMS emplores a sophisticated querying tool that can extract, filter, or combine data.

Building a Custom Report 

Business Level Reports Permission is required.

This is set in the LSP Staff Settings and can be granted by a user with TMS Admin permission.

Go to Reports --> Manage Custom Reports.
  • Click Add New Report.
  • Give the report a name.
  • Set the edit permission.
  • Reports can be generated for specific staff members (Customer or LSP) or a specific organization (LSP Organization or Customer Organization.)

Available Report Columns

  • Shipment
    • When the shipment is selected, the driving factor is the shipment base record.
    • Accounting level detail can also be added.
    • Accounting records are based on whether a bill or invoice exists. If these don't exist, no data for the matching shipment level data will be returned.
  • Customer
    • Selecting the Customer tab will reveal fields that are specific to Customer data.

  • Carrier
    • Selecting the Carrier tab will reveal fields specific to LSP Broker Carrier data.

  • Selected Columns
    • As columns are selected, they will be listed in the Selected Columns section.
    • Use the arrow to set the order in which data is displayed (left to right.)

  • Filter
    • Click on Add Filter to set a filter for the data. 
    • The filters are dynamic based on the type of data selected.
    • For example, if the data element is a date, the filter will offer options on how to filter the date.

Sort Order

You can prioritize Columns and generate by Ascending, which will show you older data first, and Descending will display newer information.

  • You can use the trashcan icon to delete a column.

Delivery Schedule

Upon saving the report, a Delivery Schedule option is available. This will allow you to schedule the delivery of the report in the selected format, to the email address, at the date/time you asked. 

  • Frequency
    • Weekly.
    • Monthly.
  • Deliver On
    • If the frequency is Weekly, select the day of the week the report should be delivered.
    • If the frequency is Monthly, select the day of the month the report should be delivered.
  • Time of Day
    • Select the hour/minute that the report should be delivered.
  • Time Zone
    • Select the Time Zone for the Time of Day inputted.
  • Export Format
    • HTML
    • CSV
    • Excel
    • JSON
  • Status
    • Active or Inactive.
  • Recipient Emails
    • This can be a single email or a comma-separated list.
  • Subject
    • This is the subject of the email.
  • Body
    • This is the body of the email.

Special Data Types

Some data types can be treated differently and will intentionally cause data duplication. This is so that detailed-level reports can be extracted; however, they would not be combined with other aggregate data. 

  • Pricing Detail Information.
    • This section is focused on Accessorials and will display a row for each accessorial + accessorial detail for each available accessorial. 
  • Shipment Stops.
    • This section is focused on Shipment Stops and will display a row for each shipment stop with the applicable stop type listed.