Creating & Applying Credit

This article will show you how to create and apply a credit on an existing invoice:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • This will show users how to add a credit memo to an existing invoice
    • Starting from the Invoice Search page, locate the invoice you wish to credit
    • To 'Apply a Credit,' you will click on Modify Invoice from the far right Actions column of the Invoice Search screen
    • You will then add a Rate Adjustment - Accounting Accessorial and enter the credited amount as a negative value
  • Once you have created the Credit memo, you will then apply it to an outstanding invoice / shipment from the Receive Payments screen
    • Select the customer on the Receive Payment screen, and to find the credit quickly, simply sort the Balance column to show negative values on top
      • From here you can enter the amount to apply and Register the Payment accordingly
  • Note that while this covers how to apply a memo to a specific shipment, the memo created can also be used to cover an amount for a range of shipments. For record keeping purposes, it's recommended to create memos for each shipment rather than a single one.