Create International Air Master

This article will show users how to create an International Air - Master Shipment:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • Navigate to Shipments > Create International Air - Master
  • First select a customer by clicking the pencil icon by the Customer section
  • The rest of the order can be filled out like a normal shipment
    • There are different reference number fields and a option to set the status in the top right
    • You can still set up Consignee and Shipper Information as normal
    • Shipment Detail will allow you to select the Service Level and Service Type
    • Items to ship allows you to fill out your commodity information
    • Cost Calculations section allows you to edit your Buy and Sell Rates
      • Select Charge Lines allows you to add additional pricing by checking each field you want to add
      • Any checked field will be added to the cost calculation section for the pricing to be edited