Create Customer Staff

This article will show you how to create a Customer Staff Member:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Customer Staff can be created at the same time a New Customer Company is created, using the Save & Add Staff option, or staff members can be added once a Customer Company is already created and saved by scrolling to the bottom of a Customer Company Profile and clicking the Add New Staff button
  • Once viewing the Customer > Staff screen, you will see the option to Add New Staff
    • Here, you will be able to set up their login and contact details, as well as set some system settings for them
  • Required fields are denoted by a blue line in the front of the text field
  • Any Customer Staff added here will show up at the bottom of a Customer Company's profile in the Staff List
    • Edits can be made to the Staff Member directly from the Company Profile
  • User Allowed Customer Access will allow the customer staff to see shipments that were created by other customer staff members. If the setting is unchecked, they will only be able to see shipments that they create. 
  • Notifications can be managed in the Notification Settings section. 
    • Collections Notice - This allows the staff member to get automated collections notifications for past due invoices
    • Invoice Notification - When this setting is active, the customer staff will receive a copy of the invoice on Invoice Delivery. 

    ***Note: You can set an invoice email at Org Level and staff level; what this will do is that those emails will get each copy of the invoice whenever it is created and sent ***

    • Shipment Status Change - This setting will send an email to the user for every status change on a shipment.