Carrier Rep

How a Carrier Rep can be added to Truckload shipments. 

  • Add Carrier Rep for TL Shipments
    • When a linehaul carrier is added or modified in the linehaul transit leg, we promptly update the carrier representative field on the shipment reference numbers. In the event that a carrier is removed, the information stored in the carrier representative field will be securely deleted.
      • Note: If a carrier rep is set at the LSP carrier, that will supersede the user assigning the carrier to the shipment. (See next section for details) 
    • When a shipment is sent to a posting service with the “book now” option, we will set the carrier rep to be the person that created the load.
    • New Accounting Org level setting - Add Carrier Rep to commissions.
      • Commission Carrier Reps - info message - When selected, this will attempt to add a commission record to the shipment for the user that is set as the carrier rep or the user that assigns the carrier to the shipment.
      • This defaults to False.
      • Action - When this is set, we will add a commission record to the shipment that is for the carrier rep. We will need to remove the old carrier rep if a new carrier rep is being added.
        • This will be triggered with the same process as adding the carrier rep to the shipment reference numbers. It will only apply to the linehaul carriers.
  • Carrier Rep on LSP Carrier Profile page
    • A Carrier Rep can be added to the LSP Carrier profile page. We use this for certain integrations as needed. (i.e., Parade, Truckstop)  
      • Assuming the organization has the 'Add Carrier Rep Commission' setting enabled, there's a carrier rep on the LSP Carrier profile, and the carrier rep has a valid default commission, whenever this carrier is assigned to a shipment, the LSP carrier rep commission will override the commission of the user who assigned the carrier to the shipment.
      • However, when the carrier is then modified by another user, the system will add a new carrier rep commission but will not remove the previously added carrier rep commission.