Carrier CSA Information

Conditional and Unsatisfactory ratings are not acceptable to use because both notate that the FMCSA has audited and found issues that needed correction with the carrier. We are ok using a carrier with a "none" listed because that just means the FMCSA has not assigned a rating to the carrier yet. Most carriers end up being Satisfactory, so we do not want to punish the large number of carriers that are listed under this category. Basically, Satisfactory is good, none is neutral, conditional, and unsatisfactory are bad.  

Satisfactory - Green
Conditional - Red
None - Green
Unsatisfactory - Red

The Authority (A) and Safety (S) come from Grizella. The (I) turns green when Insurance is added in the LSP Carrier Profile, and the (P) turns green when a Carrier Packet is uploaded, also in the LSP Carrier Profile. Grizella is powered by SaferWatch.

Carrier Exceptions Monitoring

The TMS will monitor the Carrier Exceptions filter on the dashboard. If a shipment gets booked and something is wrong with the carrier, it will get flagged here.