Bulk Payment Upload

Here are some instructions on how to bulk import a large payment for a Customer in TAI.

We will need to go to the Accounting tab and then go to the Receive Payments section in the Accounts Receivable module:



The Receive Payments section will show the "Import Payments" Option which will allow you to download a template that will contain a CSV document that will allow you to register a lot of payments at the same time:

This document will contains fields that help designate which Bill you want to make a payment for. 

  • CustomerId - This is determined by the Customer's Organization ID

Using the above identifier combined with an Invoice Number we identify the appropriate Invoice that needs to be paid.


After you've added the appropriate Customer and Invoice Number, you can apply any payment amount on the AmountApplied Column. This will designate the payment that will be applied to the invoice identified earlier.

Once this has been completed we can specify a CheckRef, CheckDate, PaymentType, DepositReference and GeneralLedgerAccount. This will allow us to group any number of Invoices based on the combination of these five columns. This allows the creation of a single Payment that will be applied to all the invoices associated with any given customer.