Bulk Payment Upload

This article will show you how to upload a bulk payment to a customer.

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • The purpose of this function is to allow users to utilize an Excel Spreadsheet to list out all the Shipment IDs, PRO#s, or reference #s needed to apply payments to in bulk.
    • This removes the dependency on the UI and makes for more efficient movement through the system.
  • You will navigate to the receive payments screen, enter the Check Number and the Deposit Reference #, and then click Upload.
    • The first thing to be done is to download the template.
    • Once the template has been downloaded, simply fill out the shipment IDs and respective payment amounts. 
    • Choose the file, once filled out, and click upload to push the payments into the system; you will be presented with a summary that will allow you to confirm your actions before applying payments.
    • Once you click Apply, you'll see in the results list that the amounts will be entered into the Apply Amount field, and then all that is left is clicking Register Payment actually to Pay the invoices.