Book Shipment

This article will show you how to book a shipment from the Customer Portal:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • After clicking Start a New Order and finishing the first step of the booking process (Shipment Quote), you will move on to the second step, which is actually booking the shipment
  • After Generating Your Smart Quote you will be presented with your carrier results that are options for the provided lane
    • You can either save the quote to your quote history when clicking Save Quote, or you can click Select in order to move into the second step of the booking process with the carrier quote selected
  • Customers will fill out the Address information for the origin and destination location, along with things like instructions for pickup and delivery, Order information for shipper Reference #s and PO #s, among other fields
    • Once step 2 is filled out, customers will have the option to either go back to their previous step or move forward to review the shipment
  • Step 3 is the Order Summary, and from here you can either Book Shipment or go back to the previous step in order to make additional edits
    • The moment a customer clicks Book Shipment the order will be dispatched to the carrier
  • Once reviewing the confirmation page after booking, you can view your BOL by clicking the red BOL button, which will allow you to review, send, print, or download the BOL for inevitable delivery