BOL and POD Image System Tags

BOLs and PODs can be included as images inside Invoice Templates HTML, printed, and downloaded.

This currently only works inside of the Email Invoice HTML template.

Use the following system tags to add an image of a BOL or a POD inside of an invoice template.



These tags can be styled in any way needed, but the best practice would be to use the following.

This code retrieves the initial page of both POD and BOL, and when multiple PODs or BOLs exist, the system will only retrieve the first one.

<div id="Images">
<!-- [IF]([IMAGE_BOL])--><div style="page-break-before: always;"><img src="[IMAGE_BOL]" width="100%" /></div><!--[ENDIF]-->
<!-- [IF]([IMAGE_POD])--><div style="page-break-before: always;"><img src="[IMAGE_POD]" width="100%" /></div><!--[ENDIF]-->

The tags will return the URL to an unauthenticated version of the image. It's wrapped in a width="100%" tag to ensure it fills the page and doesn't bleed over the margins.

The "style=page-break-before: always;" will ensure that each image appears on its own page.

Last, the [IF] tags will ensure invoices that don't have BOLs and/or PODs do not print blank pages due to the page-break styling.

Example - HTML

  1. Invoice - Page 1
  2. BOL - Page 2
  3. POD - Page 3

Example - Printed

The following code retrieves all available pages for both POD and BOL. If there are multiple PODs or BOLs, the system will retrieve all of them.

<!-- [IF]([IMAGES_BOL])-->
<!-- [EACH]([IMAGES_BOL]) -->
<div style="page-break-before: always;"><img src="[IMAGE_BOL.URL]" width="100%" /></div>
<!-- [ENDEACH]-->
<!-- [IF]([IMAGES_POD])-->
<!-- [EACH]([IMAGES_POD]) -->
<div style="page-break-before: always;"><img src="[IMAGE_POD.URL]" width="100%" /></div>
<!-- [ENDEACH]-->