Bill Search

This article will provide a quick overview of the Bill Search screen and its functionality:

Quick Reference Video Summary


The Bill search screen will allow you to search through approved bills in the system while providing you with filtering options to sift through your data:

  • You can search between Carrier bills, Organization bills (factoring company, etc..), or Sales Rep bills; there are also quick filters for payment status and date, along with more advanced filters for drilling down to specific items.
  • The shipment ID displayed on this screen is a hyperlink that will allow you to click into the bill's respective shipment.
  • You can view activity logs, send documents, or modify the bill from this screen using the menu columns on the far right of the search results.
  • This page works in conjunction with the Approved Bills Summary; when you click on any number from the summary screen, it will take you to this Bill Search screen with the specific results filtered.
  • All results and filtered results from this page can be exported to excel for quick reference or sharing via Excel.