Bill Payment History

This article will show you how to access and utilize the Bill Payment History screen:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Bill Payment History will display Payments (checks/ACH) that have been cut to vendors or carriers in the system
  • By default, the page will list the most recently cut checks filters can be set to review check payment history by date or by whether a balance is open or not
  • Clicking on the values in the Number Applied To column will take you to the specific bill payment in question
  • Inside the Bill payment details, you should be able to send the Remittance over to the carrier or specific recipient, Edit the bill payment details, or remove the payment by clicking on the delete option, this will also allow you to Refund the Payment if needed
  • The Red Exclamation Point Icon helps to alert you of any bills that have an open balance
  • Lastly, if by any chance you need specific information about the Bill payment history page, there is the option to Export to Excel, which will allow you to have the same information on a spreadsheet to share with your team.