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Back Office Overview

This article will provide you a high level overview of the Back Office and the different menu options available:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • AR Dashboard, AP Dashboard, LTL Operations Dashboard, and Truckload Operations Dashboard are available from the Back Office
    • Whether these display or show data is dependent on the LSP Staff Member's User Permissions (Accounting and Operations Permissions)
  • My Favorites Menu is available to provide quick access and reference to your favorited shipments
  • Each menu option available from the back office represents its own workflow:
    • Shipments: Shipment Creation & Shipment Search
    • Accounting: AR Workflow, AP Workflow, Commissions, & Accounting Sync
    • Customers: View Customers, Customer Staff, & Create New Customers
    • LSP: Create New Organization Staff, Edit Organization Settings, Modify Company Documents, & Add Carriers
    • Reports: Displays all available reports in the system, as well as the Custom Report Builder
    • Rates: Add and Create Margins & Manage Tariffs
    • Sales: (intended for use by sales reps) Allows Sales Reps to review collections information for their customers
  • Universal Search: allows you to search for anything within the system (customer names, shipment IDs, PRO #s, etc..)
  • Logged in as Menu: allows you to view the User Manual, File a Support Request, Modify your signature, and switch user