Approve Commissions

Approve Commissions Workflow

  • Go to Accounting --> Approve Commissions
  • Select the Name of the Sales Rep or click on all sales rep filter box
  • The commission amount is displayed in a free form text field and can be edited as needed
  • Select the commissions you want to approve. 
    • The invoice Date and the Invoice Payment date will be displayed
  • After selecting the commissions, the Bulk Operations window will open. 
    • Approve Commissions
    • Set to Has Variance
    • Decline Commissions

Approve Commissions Quick Edit

  • When approving commissions and you want to Edit multiple commissions, hit the Export To Excel button to get a list of all open commissions. 
  • After a Sales Rep has been selected, an Import Adjustments button will appear
  • Download the Template
  • When importing adjustments, the adjustments will only occur for the selected Sales Rep, all other adjustments will be ignored
  • The adjustment will occur after the user has reviewed the data and pushed the Approve Commissions button./li>
  • Use the Import Template to identify Shipment IDs, the Staff ID, and the Commission amount that needs to be updated.
  • Notes entered on the Import Template will be appended to the shipment’s Activity Log.