Accessorial Organization Display


This article will explain how you can show or hide accessorials for shipments and how you can make them required at an organizational and customer level.

We have three types of accessorials: 

Pick up and Delivery accessorial: Accessorials related to the terminal.

Shipment Accessorial: Accessorials related to the entire shipment like fees, segregation, Sunday deliveries, etc...

Note: The only ones you can make available in the customer portal are pick-up and delivery accessorials. You can still make the shipment accessorials Required in the back office. When your customer creates a shipment, that accessorial will still be automatically selected even though they do not see it. Back office users can see them, and your customers can see them in the invoice if included. Please check the description below.

  • The first thing is to locate the option in the TMS; to do this, you need to find Rates and then select Accessorial Organization Link.

  • The Display Type will filter by accessorials showing in your back and front office by default. From here, you can apply a filter to search for the ones marked as hidden or required.

  • You can remove the filters or apply the one you need, and in Accessorial, you can type the name of the one you are looking for and click search. Once you find the accessorial, if you click on the pencil, you can change the Display type be the following:
  • Selected: Accessorial will be automatically selected (You can apply this setting at an org and customer level).
  • Show: Will make it available in the front and back office.
  • Show Back Office: Will only be available in the back office.
  • Hide: Will make it unavailable on the shipment creation page for the front and back office.
  • Required: Accessorial will be automatically selected and the customer will not be able to un-select it in the customer portal. LSP staff will be able to un-select it.

  • If you have a customer that always needs a specific accessorial, you can select customer, type in their name, look for the accessorial and change it to be required; this way, every time that customer is selected for a shipment, the accessorial will be automatically chosen mitigating the risk of forgetting to add it.
  • You can filter by the customer or organization we want to apply these accessorials to, the exact name of the accessorial, the type of accessorial (Shipment, Pickup, Delivery, etc.) the shipment type this accessorial applies to (LTL, Truckload, Drayage, etc.), and the display type.