2024 Product Updates - Edition 4

Carrier Scorecards - Summary Data by Date

Within the carrier's profile Score Card, you can access the option to review the carrier's score within a specified date range. By default, the timeframe is set to "Forever," but you can easily check past month scores by utilizing the available filters.

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Truckload Quoting - Offer Rate Reference Number

When you enter your desired rate, the system instantly creates an 'Offer Rate' reference. This reference is a key tool for tracking, as you can view it on your Company Loadboard. It's a straightforward way to compare your initial target with the final negotiated rate for each shipment.

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Document Processor Team Collaboration

Visual Cues for Seamless Collaboration:

  • Blue border - highlights the currently selected document.
  • Grey border - indicates that another user is viewing the document.

Know Who's Working on What:

In the processing wizard, the user's initials appear on the screen, making it clear who's currently handling the document.

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Company Loadboard - Commodity Count and Milage Columns

With the new Commodity Count column, you will have quick visibility of the shipment's commodity description right from the Company Loadboard.

If you constantly need to review Milage, you can now add it as a column from your customized columns.

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Invoice Redirection

Now, you can easily generate a single invoice for a main customer and redirected charges for a pre-defined group of "child" customers.

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Document Preview

You can preview documents without downloading them from the Document Manager. Click the paper icon with a magnifying glass next to any file. This will open a new tab where you can preview the document before deciding whether to download it.

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  • Sync Job Options: From the factoring management page, you can decide how to send the job to Denim. Your options are the following Factored, Non-Factored and Draft.
  • Payments processed in Denim throughout the day will automatically synchronize back to the TMS by the end of the day.

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