2023 Product Updates - Edition 4

Product Features Updates

Credit Hold Workflow

  • Automated credit hold applied to customers exceeding their credit limit.
  • Restricts FrontOffice and BackOffice from progressing beyond the Committed status.
  • Blocks FrontOffice customers from rating when active.

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Stop Reference Numbers are now available in Custom Reports!

Create reports using our stop reference numbers. In the custom reports section, you'll find them under the categories: "Top 5 Additional Stops," "Origin Location," "Destination Location," and "Shipment Stops."

Learn how to create a custom report by clicking HERE.

Additional Invoice Documents

We have introduced a convenient feature for streamlining your invoicing process. Now, you can easily attach additional documents to your invoices, such as:

  • Multiple BOLs and PODs within the same shipment. If these documents contain various pages, they will be included as well.

  • You can also set the system to attach all public documents. Again, if these documents consist of multiple pages, they will be included.

Contact our dedicated support team if you'd like to set this up; they will be more than happy to help you.



Carrier Rep Workflow

Now, our system automatically removes the carrier rep information from the shipment when a carrier is removed.

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Integration Updates

DFMs Update

To guarantee a seamless Book Now experience, the Book Now workflow will adhere to all TMS (AISP) requirements. If the carrier does not meet this minimum compliance rule, when a Book Now occurs, the TMS will auto-reject the Book Now request.

We now bring over the following for Carrier Onboarding:

  • Payment Terms
  • Factoring Companies

To ensure a smoother experience for Factoring Companies, we have also introduced additional safeguards to prevent duplicates.

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