2023 Product Updates - Edition 2

Product features updates

Accessorial Quantity

Add quantities on accessorials by specifying you had more than one charge; this allows your accounting to be more detailed when customers request more information about what they pay instead of displaying a total price.

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Customer Mileage Override

Upload custom mileage for customer lanes to the TMS. With this feature, mileage explicitly uploaded to a customer will override mileage provided by PC Miler.

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Preferred Invoicing Method - One Invoice per Email.

For customers requiring one invoice per email instead of one PDF file with all the invoices, you can now set this option on their accounting profile to save time when sending invoices.

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Company Loadboard - Bulk Operation Tools - Lost Quote

Cancel your shipments in bulk and add the lost quote alert; this will help you track those loads using a report.

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  • Using the filter by option, you can view quotes from your shipment history or other capacity tools from a specific source, such as load boards or DFMs.
  • Decrease the timespan to one or three months in your search criteria to focus on obtaining a more accurate lane average.
  • If you find yourself using the same search terms on a regular basis, now you can use our new Save Search feature to improve your team's efficiency.
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Carrier factor automation - Match by MC number
The system will attempt to create the carrier relationship by matching by MC in Haul Pay, making the process more efficient by not having to look for the correct carrier manually.

PO Number

The system will send the PO number reference field if available upon a successful factor.

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Choose which carrier syncs to Triumph Pay.
You can now decide which carrier you want bills syncing over to triumph pay by adding a setting on the carrier's profile.

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Carrier Sync - Create or Modify

Keep your carrier list updated in Newtrul by adding the LastCarrierSyncDate source setting, which will sync your carriers over when created or modified.

Pickup and Delivery Instructions

The system will now send pickup and delivery instructions for carriers to review as special instructions.
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My Carrier Packets - Equipment Type Mapping

We now support bringing trailer type and equipment during carrier sync to the TMS.
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