2023 Product Updates - Edition 1

Product features updates


Highway Carrier Onboarding

They are focused on solving the digital identity problem in the trucking industry. They Remove risk and friction between brokers and carriers by being the only onboarding provider with a Carrier Identity Engine.

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New Widgets

Network Rate, Carrier Bids, Customer Quote.

You can also select a specific widget to display in Truckload Quoting.

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Carrier Blacklist

The Carrier Blacklist feature provides a process in which we can identify carriers that the broker considers "blacklisted" by setting them to a Blocked status but still allowing them to behave like an Enabled carrier in that it is visible.

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Truckload Appointment Management

This new functionality will automatically add and resolve Pickup / Delivery Appointment alerts when certain conditions apply.

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Customer Create - Create Margin

You can now set the margin during customer creation to have more control over whether you want the default margin to affect your customers.

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Cancelation Reasons

Users can enter a cancelation reason when canceling a shipment, which will be added to the shipment activity log.

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Approve Bills - Customized Columns - Invoiced

You can now check if you have created your invoice from the approve bills page by adding the "Invoiced" result from your customized columns.

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Support Additional Stops
Multiple stop shipments are supported in the integration and are passed into Macropoint with the tracking request.

MacroPoint Tracking times

For more visibility on tracking times, you can now view the location update in your local time or the location's local time.

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Payment terms 
We now support bringing Payment Terms during carrier sync to the TMS.

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