2022 Product Updates - Edition 4

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Check out some of our latest product feature updates that help TMS Freight Brokers improve efficiency. 



Freight Factoring & Payments. HaulPay automates your back office with digital factoring and payments that eliminate credit risk.

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Parade Enhancement

We've added support to the Parade integration which now sends Pickup and Delivery Appointment Window Times.

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Driver Tracking - Automatic Submit to Carrier

You can assign your preferred Load Tracking application as your default for your truckload shipments. This will automatically submit a load track request when the shipment status reaches Dispatched or In-Transit.

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Content Templates - EMAIL - Custom Subject Line

You can now customize the subject line of EMAIL content templates. We also added functionality to allow you to customize Batch Emails such as Invoices, Batch Documents, and Check calls.

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Nomenclature Updates

  • Truckload Search becomes Company Loadboard: Truckload companies are more familiar with the term loadboard than Truckload Search.
  • Switch User becomes Switch Organization: When we use switch user, we switch between organizations, so we make this transition to better describe the function.
  • Update Status Modal becomes Check Call: This change is because the update status modal's function in our industry is a Check Call.

General Tai TMS Feature Enhancements

  • Collaboration Dashboard Assignment Count Notification - Dropdown Refresh.
    The system will refresh the counter every time you open the collaboration dashboard which helps keep your assignments in sync.
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  • Pickup and Delivery Carriers Rate Confirmation Sheets
    Pickup and delivery transit legs now have dedicated content templates so that you can provide the required documents to those carriers through our send message modal.
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  • LSP Carrier Advanced Search
    We updated the LSP Carrier Search page to make it comply with usage.
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  • Custom Report Builder - Customers Margins
    We added a Margins Column to the Custom Report Builder on the “Customer” tab so that you can easily manage the margins on a long list of customers complete with Customer Id and Customer name Columns.
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  • Pay Bills - Display AP Data From Carrier Profile
    We will display the carrier's accounts payable details so you can consider these before you pay a bill. The information displayed is what you set in the broker carrier's profile.
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