2022 Product Updates - Edition 3

 Edition 3-1

Check out some of our latest product feature updates that help TMS Freight Brokers improve efficiency. 

Newtrul Integration

Newtrul is a digital freight matching (DFM) service that identifies available capacity, submits offers to carriers, and provides a Book Now workflow. It is a private-first digital load board for your carriers. When a load is built in the TMS, it is posted in real-time to newtrul. Your selected network of carriers can then view, bid, and book your shipments.

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RMIS Tax ID Capture

We've added support to the RMIS integration which now allows us to capture the tax ID information and save it to the LSP Carrier Profile

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BOL and POD Image System Tags

These new system tags allow the BOL and POD attached to a shipment to be sent or downloaded in the same Invoice PDF file.

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Tai 1

Accounting Feature Enhancement

  • Approve Bills - Display AP Data From Carrier Profile
    In the Approve Bills screen, we will give a full view of the carrier's accounts payable specifications so you can consider this before you approve a bill. The information displayed is what you set in the broker carrier's profile.
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General Tai TMS Feature Enhancements

  • Email collaboration - CC & BCC functionality
    With these two functions, you will have the option to copy or blind copy
    anybody you need by adding their email.
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  • We want to make it easier to report on or gatther metrics on Alerts. You'll find new columns in the custom report builder for active and resolved  Alerts. Shipment Alerts Active List and Shipment Alerts Resolved List. With these new columns, you can now determine if the alert was resolved or is still active.
    New Shipment alerts Shipment Split and Pickup Appointment Requested
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  • Macropoint StartTrackHoursOffset Source setting
    This is used to offset when the tracking can begin in Macropoints mobile app.
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