2022 Product Updates - Edition 1


Tai - Product Updates - Edition 1-1

Price Per Measurement Calculator

The Edit Pricing section can calculate the buy rate or display the cost based on the selected measurement type. Measurements supported: 

  • LB
  • CWT
  • Ton
  • Pieces
  • Mileage

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Calculate pricing based on selected measurement.


Truckload Quoting

Disabled Carrier Warning

A carrier's status within your network can change at any time. If a carrier becomes inactivated and a user attempts to add them, a warning will appear, and the Select for Shipment will be disabled. This will prevent inadvertently booking a carrier with a disabled status.

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Carrier Confirmation

Truck Number / Trailer Number

Instead of a driver calling in to provide a truck number or trailer number, they can add it directly on the Carrier Confirmation acceptance page. 

  • Automates the process
  • Expedites carrier acceptance
  • Take advantage of tracking options with ELD

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Drayage Shipments

Default Reference Numbers

For the Drayage shipment type, we've added default reference numbers that will allow the user to quickly add commonly used data fields. 

These include:

  • Seal Number
  • Trailer Number
  • Steamship Line
  • Container Size
  • Container Number
  • Vessel/Voyage