Trade Show Best Practices Will Tai get 1 lead per $1,000 spent?

The article outlines preparations for an upcoming events, detailing key decisions and tasks for the Sales Director, Marketing Team, Partnerships, and Event Team.

Key Decisions - Sales Director (interim Sean)

  • Attendee List- Who is going from Tai?
    • Add total cost per rep including, booth, ticket, travel, hotel and divide by number of sales reps. KPI - Sales Reps should get 1 lead per $1,000 allocated to their Seat.
  •  Assign staff members to specific tasks and shifts during the event
    •  Alert Event Team if booth schedule needs to be made
  •  Post Show Sales team Follow-up process - Written Plan
  •  Make sure All Reps have Bus cards
  •  Lead Metric

Key Decisions - Marketing Team (Vanessa)

  • Are we securing a Booth or Just attending
    • Notify Event team to secure show
  • Will we be doing Show Sponsorship?
    • Budget?
    • What is included?
    • Notify the event team of any tasks related
  • Showcase/Demo?
    • Who is presenting?
    • Create presentation Material - Usually due a month in advance
  • What Swag gets sent
    • Design
    • Any new orders
  • Messaging and Communication plan
    • Pre show
    • During Show
    • Post Show

Tasks - Sales Team

  • Collect leads and contact information from potential clients
  • LinkedIn Promotion
    • Images and posts to be acquired from Marketing Team
  • Lead Capture App (if applicable)
  • If no Lead capture set up Hubspot registration - Eventbrite

Tasks - Marketing

  • Prepare booth design and materials
  • Create LinkedIn Images and posts
  • Create promotional materials (brochures, flyers, etc.) Min 2 weeks prior to event
  • Contract review -
    • Send to event team for execution
    • Negotiate with show organizers for good placement and visibility

Tasks - Event Team (Beth & Nicole -

60-90 Days Prior to the event

  • Confirm staff availability for event days
  • Team event registration
  • Hotels
  • Flights - Set up team to book flights via Navan or book for them if asked
  • TeamMeetings/Team Dinners or Lunch
  • Activity/Game for booth
  • Happy hour planning

30 days Prior to the event

  • Flights - Remind team to book flights or book for them if asked
  • Event Google Calendar - Sent out to attendees
  • Arrange transportation for the Booth & materials
  • Event Slack Channel Created
  • Activity/Game at booth
  • Meeting with Sean & Vane

2 Weeks Prior to the event

  • Attendee Itinerary ( Flight and hotel info)
  • Lead Capture Info sent ( if applicable)
  • Printed Materials sent to printer and arrange delivery the conference
  • Prepare to Send Swag ( Markus )
  • Set Pre Event Team Meeting

Happy Hour

Key Decisions - Marketing

  • Budget
  • Swag
  • Registration Link
  • TV/Marketing for Venue
  • Roll up banners

Key Decisions - Partnerships

  • Will we have a Partner
    • How many partners
  • Partner Budget
  • Tai Budget

Key Decisions - Event Team

  • Venue Selection

Tasks - Marketing

  • Design/Approval of all materials/swag/giveaways
  • Event invite

Tasks - Partnerships

  • Swag/Giveaway approval from Marketing
  • Send Swag/Giveaway order request to event team
  • **For Single Partner happy hours**
    • Inform Events Team of Location and Budget

Tasks - Event Team

  • Venue
  • Contract
  • Food & Drinks
  • Activity during an event
  • Swag/Giveaway - All must be approved by Marketing prior to request for ordering