Shipment Profile - Activity Log

This article will cover the below items and teach you about the Activity Log and how to get the most out of it:

  • Activity Log Location
  • Activity Log Features
  • Activity Log Best Practices

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • The Activity Log will appear 'Orange' when there are new updates within the last 24 hour period with a number telling you how many updates have been made
  • Most Activity Log entries are automatically recorded as a user moves through the system
  • You can use 'Add Activity' in order to communicate information to your customers (an example of this would be to add an activity to inform your customer why a shipment is delayed)
  • You can change the privacy settings of activity log entries to either PublicPrivate, or Admin. Public will show to your customers under your Organization's hierarchy; Private will show to only users within your Organizational level; Admin will only show the entries to users with Admin Permissions on their LSP Staff Profile