Microsoft/Azure SSO Setup

This article will cover the setup required to enable microsoft/azure SSO Setup for customers in the TMS.

Step #1  : Enable Show Login Page
  • TMS Admin
  • Admin
  • Sites
  • Search for Site Code
  • In Settings Drop down click "Enable Only Show Login Page"
Step #2 : Enable SSO Button
  • Copy Master Template: Login Landing Page
  • Edit Source
  • Delete "display: none;"
You'll see this at the top of the master template
display: none;
Step #3 : Add URI in Azure - Note, this step can only be done by the Product Team
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • App registrations
  • Click "All applications"
  • Click "Tai Broker TMS"
  • Authentication
  • Click "Add URI"
  • It's at the bottom of list of URLs
  • Wait 10 min or keep trying till it works

After this is complete, the desired accounts will need their logins changed to the email to be used from Microsoft.