How to access MarketPlace Seller's information

This is a simple way to explain how to access MarketPlace seller's information such as Email, Phone number, etc.

When you need to access the list of marketplace buyers within your organization these are the step you need to follow:

  • Please navigate from LSP > My organization > Broker tools: 



  • After you access the broker tools drop-down list, select the option of "MarketPlace seller List":

  • You can filter by the specific MarketPlace seller you need the information from, or you can also filter by their Buyer or seller controlled status:

  • If there are no criteria and want to look for the full list, you can do so by hitting the search button, this will display all MarketPlace sellers listed.
  • After you select the desired marketplace seller, you should be able to access their seller profile and see all information such as buyer & seller statuses, Email address and Invoice email address, phone number, and physical address: