Create a Tariff

This article will show you how to create a tariff using the Tariff Wizard:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • After navigating to the Tariff Wizard, Rates > Tariff Wizard, you will see a screen where you can begin filling out tariff details
  • Upon selecting a carrier in the Tariff Wizard, instructions will be provided on the right side of the screen that will tell you what information is required for the API Tariff build along with how to acquire the information
  • Integration Instructions vary from carrier to carrier, as all carriers require different credentials and authentication information to integrate
  • Direction: used to designate whether a tariff is 3rd Party, Inbound, or Outbound
  • Bill To Address: (shows up on BOL) can be edited directly from this screen by clicking 'Change' and then entering your information
  • Different flags can be checked in order to distinguish whether there are requirements to use this tariff, or whether the creator wants to provide these rates to the Front Office
  • Once finished filling out all the required fields, and clicking Save & View Details the tariff will have been created!